“BrainWars: The Concentration” Is World’s First Real-Time Mental Battle Game!

BrainWars: The Concentration battle game is one of those crazy brain teasers games where players require to do some tasks or solve some problems. And this is the very first time where players have to compete with worldwide challengers in real-time!


BrainWars: The Concentration game has been developed by some young developers from Tokyo, Japan. Via Translimit we have come to know that this awesome app was released in April of this year and for the last few weeks, this app is remained on the top chart of Apple App Store.

There are several physiological mechanisms which helps to stimulate your brain to preserve your cognitive skills. BrainWars is one of among brain stimulating games that will not only train your brain, but also give you the very first opportunity to fight the mental battle against the real-time people playing online all over the world. In fact, the main charm of this training game is “real- time challenges” which gives it extra make over!



Real-Time Battle Experience: You have to play the game online, against the challengers from different parts of the world. You will fight harder by using your brain and beat the opponents’ highest limits to win the mental wars.

Play With Friends: You can play with your friends and family members via internet. You can connect your Facebook account with BrainWars app and then you are able to challenge your existing friends. To invite more friends to play with you may maximize your fun.

Intuitive Brain Training: The rules of this brain training app is pretty easy to understand for all ages. To make it more easier, there is training session which will prepare you before you start playing with online players.


World Class Ranking: As you are playing from a little part of the globe and other opponents might be from another part of the globe, so there are world ranking. The more you play, the more you strive for the world-class rankings. Besides the world-ranking, there is also ranking of people – ‘Around Me‘, ‘Friends‘, ‘D-League‘.

Support Languages: Along with English, this brand new app also support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Korean languages. And more languages are coming soon!

At last but not the least, BrainWars provides a pretty good set of exercises for your brains, thanks to mental challenge. iOS users can download this free app from the link given below and the developers are preparing the Android version and may release soon.

Download Link

iTunes Link: Click here

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