CES 2012: Intel Embarrassed, Caught Faking Ivy Bridge Gaming Demo

A very interesting happened at CES 2012. Intel was set to launch it’s new range of high-end processors, called Ivy Bridge processors. The company claims that these processors do an excellent job on graphics. And to prove that, Intel was to give a gaming demo of a game being played on an Ivy Bridge processor. Mooly Eden was presenting the section and acted as if he was playing the game on the laptop in front of him, on the stage. However, it was learned that he wasn’t, and as only acting. It was actually a simulation, being controlled behind the stage.

Intel was later asked that why did it choose to give a fake demo. Intel responded, rather apologetically, that they had decided to include the demo in the presentation at the last moment. And since there wasn’t much time to practice and rehearse, they simply included a simulated demo of the game rather than scheduling a live demo.

However, Intel said that although the demo was simulated, the fact is that Ivy Bridge processor perform as good as they were depicted in the simulated demo. Intel then had a live demonstration shown to different media personnel and in that live demonstration, Ivy Bridge did indeed support impressively high-end processors. So the fake demo wasn’t really fake because Intel simply presented a pre-recorded copy of something that was true.

Image courtesy huangjiahui.
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