[Current No.1] Circle The Dot: Trap The Blue Dot Before It Escapes

Circle The Dot is a super addictive but pretty simple game which is currently hitting the first place of iOS App Store. While walking through the game, you have to surround the BLUE dot within a circle made by ORANGE dot and it seems almost impossible.


This current top hit game is developed by Ketchapp who has published another popular game Amazing Brick. As the name of this game expresses, you will make a circle in order to trap the blue dot which is super smart to escape the circle. On the game screen, there are full of gray dots along with one blue dot. Gray dots will turn into orange dot and will represent you. With your every single step onwards, blue dot will also take one step frontward. You have to make a boundary with orange dots, so that blue dot can not run away.


Although, gameplay sounds super simple, it appears nearly impossible to trap the smart blue dot. Lots of player have written reviews that after playing thousands of time, they could not surround the blue dot. May be that is the reason behind taking the 1st place of iOS top chart within 4 days from the released date.


Circle The Dot has been released on August 15th on App Store and already it has touched the top position. Circle The Dot is available for both iPhone, iPad and its absolutely FREE. With great layout and cool sound effects, this game also offers leaderboard and achievements. You can try from the given link but before taking your first move, I think you should take a moment to figure it out!

Download Link

iTunes Link: Click Here
Size: 4.6 MB
Price: Free

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