Couple Robs A Man For His GTA V Copy

Over the past few days, it has become clear that GTA V is all set to become a roaring success in the gaming industry. The game was able to muster well beyond $1 billion in sales within the first three days. It is now being reported that a man was recently robbed of his GTA V copy in Florida.

Rohan Dawkins

Rohan Dawkins is a resident of Florida where he is a part of the local ACCESS program, meant for adults with intellectual disabilities. As part of his job, Dawkins helps out such individuals.

He had apparently gathered up the requisite sum for GTA V and was on his way home after purchasing a copy when a married couple attacked him. After punching him and kicking him, they snatched his copy of GTA V and made away with it.

However, the incident caught the eye of the media and was so widely reported in no time that Dawkins has become somewhat of a celebrity. A fellow ACCESS student has already lent him a replacement copy whereas many others have offered any further assistance that he may need. In fact, GameStop has announced that it will hand out a collectors edition of GTA V to Dawkins.

The two suspects who committed the robbery, namely Tommy Davis and Adele Jones, have already been arrested. Dawkins has been offered public transport passes and many other compensations by locals who have shown an overwhelming support for him in the wake of the incident.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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