Facebook Announces Mobile Game Publishing Pilot Program

The rumors of Facebook entering the gaming industry as a publisher, rather than just a platform, came in a few weeks ago. Yesterday,Facebook formally announced the pilot program.


At the Casual Connect conference at San Francisco, Facebook announced that it will be offering mobile game publishing services to developers under a revenue sharing model. Facebook called out developers willing to participate. However, the exact figures of the revenue sharing model were not disclosed.

Facebook said the pilot program is aimed “to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global.” As these developers can’t afford to spend millions of dollars to market their games like big publishers, they would be benefited through Facebook’s program. With Facebook’s huge audience, new and small mobile game developers will be able to find an audience easily.

About 10 developers have already signed up with Facebook for the program. Among these are names like Brainbow, Kiwi, Space Age etc. But the biggest name in the list is Gameloft, a publicly traded French game-maker worth roughly $652 million.

Facebook will be providing game publishing services almost similar to conventional game publishers, except it won’t be working with game content. Instead, Facebook will be helping developers promote their games with ads and analytics.

Thanks to: TechCrunch

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