Gamers See The World Differently: Study

You might have the notion that hours of gaming in front of the console are a complete waste of time. But a study at the Duke University reveals that video gaming “train the brain to make better and faster” decisions from visual inputs.


The outcome led the researchers believe that “gamers see the world differently,” as identified by Greg Appelbaum, an assistant professor of psychiatry in the Duke School of Medicine.

In a series of tests with 125 participants, consisting of both non-gamers and intensive gamers, the researchers tested the visual sensory memory of each person. They were shown “a circular arrangement of eight letters for just one-tenth of a second.” After a 13-millisecond to 2.5-second delay, an arrow appeared pointing to a spot on the circle, and asked the participant to recall the letter that was in there.

At every time interval, avid gamers outperformed non-gamers. However, both of the group showed similar rapid decay in memory of what the letters were.

After further analysis, researchers concluded that extensive gaming experience trained the gamers to perceive information “more immediately” and “make better correct decisions from the information they have available.”

Source: Duke University

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