Gaming Collection Of Dave Arneson, Co-Developer Of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Is Now Up For Auction

The first role-playing game that was ever published was ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ which has remained among the most-loved role-playing game for a long, long time. One of the creators of this game was Dave Arneson. The grand news for gaming enthusiasts as well as collectors is that Arneson’s gaming collection, which comprises of some 10,000 pieces, will go up for auction soon.

During his life, Arneson has tried to reach a deal with ‘The Collector’s Trove’ to sell out his huge collection of games. However, the deal couldn’t be agreed upon and he passed away in 2009.

After his demise, the heirs to his fortune simply auctioned off the whole collection after letting it sit in a storage locker. The Collector’s Trove got lucky when the collection eventually made it into their hands. The company is naturally very excited about this and plans sell the items of the collection on eBay.

The significance of this collection is extra-ordinary, as is summed up in the words of the announcement made by the company, “The collection comprises some 10,000 items ranging from Dave’s 1959 game of Risk to game designs he was working on up until his death in 2009. Dave was a creative genius and designer, devising game after game, poring over military history books, maps, and documents, refining and tinkering his designs way beyond the ken of even the most meticulous game designer.”

Once the collection is being sold out on eBay, a portion of the money earned from it will go to Arneson’s heirs. The first phase of the sales will comprise of only 200 items, though the rest of the items from the collection will also go on sale eventually. If you want to be lucky enough to know exactly when these items go on sale, and wish to try your luck in buying them, you may want to head straight to this eBay page.

Source: The Collector’s Trove

News Courtesy: The Verge

Image Courtesy: Bajan Man

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