Sony Play Station Vita to Lead Company’s Strategy for The Next 3 Years

We already reported the launching of PlayStation Vita in Japan some time ago and now the device is getting ready for global launch during the first days of February. In the meantime, Sony won’t just be standing by waiting, no, the company wants to make sure costumers have lots of games available, so they won’t lose interest.

More than that, it wants to make sure users have what to fantasize about, therefore it announced that the game titles are already scheduled and waiting in line for their release up until 2013. Senior Sony executive and responsible for the company’s worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, explained that Sony has a lofty three year plan which was formed to ensure a constant supply of excellent games. Yoshida explained the company’s policy.

Generally, Sony looks three years ahead when they work on developing game strategies. PlayStation Vita provides a unique opportunity for the game team to work on smaller titles like Sound Shapes or Escape Plan. He also added that he’s pretty sure Sony will end up working on more titles than it anticipated.

At the moment, the most popular Vita games in Japan seem to be Everybody’s Golf and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, because they got the most pre-orders up until now. We hope to see those here in the US as well!

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