George Hotz (geohot) On The Alyona Show “Beating Them in Court is Just a Start”

PlayStation 3 jailbreaker GeoHot, was recently on The Alyona Show. When asked about whether he thinks the whole issue will blow over and whether he has a chance to beat Sony in court, GeoHot responded with the following:

“Oh without a doubt. I think I will beat them. I think the reason they brought this suit is just to harass me and ‘this is what happens to you if you hack Sony products.’ Beating them in court is just a start.”

Still, GeoHot did ask for financial help just last week, after releasing a rap video to poke fun at the whole situation. He has reportedly covered his legal costs and then some in just two days of donations.

GeoHot still insists that Sony is suing the wrong guy since he is against mass piracy and does not distribute anyone’s copyrighted work but his own. His goal for the PS3 is to provide users a legitimate path to homebrew, which should be legal according to previous non-console court cases.

He may be a little more confident about it than he should be, but in either case, the dude always makes me his fan with every single thing he does!


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