Tick Tock Isle: Free Online Flash Game [Play Now]

Tick Tock Isle is a funny, charming as well as adventure game. Do you want to repair an old clock tower in a rainy island? If you agree then you can try it from your pc and become a Tick Tock Isle hero. The designer of this game Jason Boyer describe it “Tick Tock Isle plays like a point and click platform game that relies heavily on story, character interaction, creative thinking, and poking.‬”

According to the Jajitsu – In the year 20XX a confident, young horologist by the name of Strike is inadvertently transported into the past while attempting to repair a mysterious, abandoned clock tower. Endeavoring to return to the future, Strike must fix both the time machine and the island’s dysfunctional family who are responsible for much of the clock’s disrepair.

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Source: Jajitsu



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