[Review] Stimulating Game ‘Grid Puzzle’ Makes Your Brain Sharp

If you are looking for a stimulating game for spending hours and want to train your brain, then Grid Puzzle is the perfect choice. Grid Puzzle is a logical game, developed by Pechas Game Studios. This game, undoubtedly, boosts up your logical thinking units while you play it.


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iTunes Link: http://ttj.pw/GPTTJRi
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Our Review

Grid Puzzle is nearly based on the Japanese board game Nonogram, but it’ is a completely re-engineered version that comes with challenging gameplay. You will have to start with puzzle grids and then you’ll have to fill in the appropriate cells based on given clues which seems pretty tough. But there is a game character named Dr. Nono, who will assist you through the gameplay tutorial and further on.

At the beginning of the game, you have to create a profile to start teasing your brain! You can also make plenty of profiles if there are multiple players. Game will be saved automatically even you don’t have any internet connection to sync the data. Every time you complete a stage, you will be shown some awesome and inspiring quotations for motivation!

This puzzle game offers you 2 campaign modes and 4 different quick modes. In campaign mode, you will go through level by level. At earlier stage, there will be 3 to 5 stages and 5*5 box in a level. But as far as you go, the stages will increase till 8, meaning you’ve to pass 8 stages to cross each level. The grid size will also increase in 7*7 as you are being a pro puzzler. There is another different type of stage called ‘90 seconds‘ challenge where you have to solve as many puzzle as you can within 90 seconds.

The clues will be given on the top and at the left bar of the grids. Your task is to fill in the grids with symbols. The faster you solve it, the higher the grade will be. If you take too long for solving a single puzzle, you will fail and have to play that round again in order to step into the next stage. However, after completing the stages with good grades, the next level will be unlocked. Note that, there are unlimited levels to challenge you how far you can reach!

If you stuck or messed up in any stage, then simply use ‘Peek‘ which will reveal 1 symbol on correct cell. Or you can try ‘Randomizer‘ which will erase your wrong symbols and a new board will appear with correctly placed symbol. If nothing works, only then you will use ‘Reveal‘ to see the solution, but it will give you ‘F’ grade and you have to play that stage again.

Grid Puzzle boasts with sumptuous stellar graphics in latest update which feels more immersive than those of the most games in the market today. The convenient interface and subtle sound effects are completely stunning. You can on/off the music and sounds by tapping. In addition, Game Center includes two different Leaderboard, based on ‘Best Time‘ and ‘Recent Best‘. There are also some pretty easy achievements.


Tips and Tricks

  • Empty your mind to focus on the game
  • Concentrate on clues instead of timing
  • Start with large numbers (e.g. 2-2, 3-1)
  • Follow the surrounding clues of numbers
  • Keep music ‘ON’ to ‘Check’ faster

Grid Puzzle is a super addictive game. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to be a master. If you put your full throttle of concentration, you will solve the puzzle within few seconds. So keep playing this game, sharp your ability to think faster and boasts power of concentration. This awesome puzzle app is totally FREE on Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s definitely a 5 star app and any puzzle lovers must try it out.

iTunes Link: http://ttj.pw/GPTTJRi
Android Link: http://ttj.pw/GPTTJRA

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