Grid Puzzle: Stunning Brain Puzzle Game Released For iOS & Android [Free]

If you are looking for a way to train and develop your brain while enjoying a game, then you should definitely go for the newest release by Pechas Game Studios namely Grid Puzzle. And more exciting thing is this startup is based on Dhaka, Bangladesh, and their first app is already making a lot of noise.

The game is conceptualized on a famous logic practice known as ‘Nonogram’. In this game, you have to solve one puzzle per level, where you have to fill in blank grids as required by the clues indicated on the axes of the table.


iOS – App Store Link (Optimized for both iPhone & iPad)
Android – Google Play Store (Works in all Android device)

Grid Puzzle comes with an impressive graphical user interface, and its striking menu will convince you to go on and test your brain right at first glance!

If you do not have any prior knowledge on Nonogram then you don’t need to worry. The game begins with a comprehensive tutorial that teaches you all about the process of the game. Here, you are introduced to the basics of how to play, and an interactive session allows you to learn the game firsthand! Dr. Nono, a game character, will assist and coach you through the process.

The levels are comparatively easier in the beginning, but the difficulty increases as you progress through the game. There is a clock that keeps running while you play, and you have to solve the puzzle in the shortest possible time. The target of the particular level is enunciated at the beginning, and you have to meet them in order to achieve a high grade and unlock the next level.

There is a button called ‘Check’ on the bottom-right side of the screen, which helps you to check whether your solution is correct or not.

The game has multiple levels for you to enjoy, and each level is even more challenging, hence, assists you in training your brain in an even better manner.

Grid Puzzle comes in two different and attractive themes. One is a blend of midnight blue and turquoise, and the other one is made up of shades of maroon and crimson. One of the attractive features of this app is that it alerts you on a daily basis, reminding you to train your brain should you forget to do it.



iOS – App Store Link (Optimized for both iPhone & iPad)
Android – Google Play Store (Works in all Android device)

This delightful game is the right instrument to develop the functionality of your brain to achieve better focusing and reasoning abilities. Therefore, we recommend it highly!

So, without further delay, go on and download Grid Puzzle, and start training your brain right away! And don’t forget to share your thoughts, progress, high score, shortest time with us, here in comments.

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