Harmonix Brings ‘Rock Band Blitz’ To XBLA And PSN

Gamers who have been avid fans of games from Harmonix, games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, here are some really good news. Harmonix intends to go back to where it once started at, by introducing a peripheral-free rhythm game titled ‘Rock Band Blitz.’ The game is expected to reach PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this coming summer.

The game will debut a  downloadable title. According to the project director on Rock  Band Blitz, Matthew Nordhaus, ‘We thought we would bring that old-school mentality of playing a beat-match rhythm game on a controller to the Rock Band era and create a Rock Band game which used those old mechanics.’

The plastic peripherals, naturally, wouldn’t have been any good in a game of this nature, ‘There were a couple features about Blitz that just wouldn’t satisfactorily map to the plastic instruments so we decided to go with just a controller.’

The interesting thing about Rock Band Blitz is that it is a single-player plus asynchronous multiplayer game. This essentially means playing against another person but not exactly at the same time. Nordhaus elaborates on this in the following words, ‘We actually made a decision in the beginning to focus on the asynchronous multiplayer aspects of this, of playing against your friends but not playing at the same time. One of the reasons was that Rock Band 3 still has a vibrant community that plays a lot and we see this as an addition to the Rock Band platform and another way, a different way of experiencing your games rather than a direct competitor with Rock Band 3.’

Overall, the game promises a lot of music-filled fun for gamers. And if you are a fan, be sure to lay your hands on it as soon as it release, if you want a rock-summer.


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