iPod Click Wheel Games Are Removed From iTunes

iPod Click Wheel Games no longer appears on the App Store drop-down menu in iTunes and everyone from Bono Vox to teenagers drooled over its sexy metal back which caught grease and scratches all too easily, literally as soon as you picked it up or laid it on a table. Apple is expected to discontinue the iPod Classic around its ten year anniversary and could make the announcement on October 4th and the iPod Classic was first introduced on October 23, 2001…………….


As Apple is rumored to discontinue its aging hard-drive-based iPod classic, the company has removed a section from the iTunes Store devoted to click-wheel games and users used to be able to access a link to iPod Click Wheel Games by clicking the drop-down menu on the App Store link in iTunes. But now, that option has disappeared from the menu and the removal comes as Apple is rumored to be planning to discontinue the iPod classic this year after the device’s form factor had a 10-year run. The classic is Apple‘s legacy iPod, sporting the same click wheel and general design as the first iPod released in 2001. Games on the iPod date back to Apple’s very first model, with the game Brick, originally invented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, included as a hidden easter egg. As the iPod grew in functionality and gained a color display, more titles were added, and the latest iPod classic comes with Vortex,iQuiz and Klondike. Apple began selling games for the iPod classic in 2006 in a sort of precursor to the iPhone and iPod touch App Store that would eventually launch two years later. Apple released its own click-wheel games like Texas Hold’Em and Reversi, while major publishers including Electronic Arts, Square Enix and Disney also released titles. Titles were priced at $7.49, and they rely on the touch-sensitive wheel that receives input on the iPod classic, as well as older versions of the iPod nano and iPod mini. In all, there were around 50 downloadable games available for purchase through iTunes, limited by the fact that Apple did not make a third-party iPod classic software development kit publicly available. It’s possible the iPod classic could get the ax at next week’s iPhone centric media event, scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday. As the iPod lineup has become a less important part of Apple’s business, the portable media players have taken a backseat to devices like the iPhone and iPad.



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  1. TTT

    I hope they don’t discontinue Ipod Classic, I love mine, much better than all this new fangled touch screen nonsense, better storage for movies etc, I’d be lost without my ipod classic 160gig!  If it dies and I can’t replace it I’ll be mortified!

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