Dead Space 3: No Space For Fear, You Need Courage To Survive The Fury

Isaac Clarke, the cool hero of Dead Space Series who is fighting in the space with fearsome enemies, will return this February. Yes, the famous hit game series will be return with its 3rd installment, titled Dead Space 3. The infamous horde of brutal and destructive force will took hold of the space and Isaac will once again come to rescue.

Dead Space 3 cover


It is said that Dead Space 3 will be the direct sequel of Dead Space 2. After getting his spacecraft destroyed at the beginning of the game, Isaac is forced to crash on an icy planet. This is where Isaac will face his biggest challenges yet, as he goes beyond limit in order to find the true source of the Necromorph plague. However, the adventure will not stop at one planet. Isaac will chase down the enemies from one universe to another, take down the biggest creatures of the space, and overcome the terror. And, he is not alone this time. An Earth gov merciless soldier named Sgt. John Carver will accompany Isaac in his missions.

Features & Gameplay

  • The game uses a heavy-duty engine called Visceral game engine. It is said, the game will feature the most extraordinary graphical elements, fantastic outer space environment, lighting, enemy and character models.
  • Lead characters, both Isaac and Carver, can roll out and take cover to avoid enemy attacks for the first time in the game series.
  • In single player mode, Carver will play an important role with his own missions and origin story that tells how Carver ends up with Isaac.
  • In co-op missions, additional cut scenes, cinematic, secret, gameplay elements, branching story lines can be accessed.
  • The co-op game play focus on John and Isaac both with the same level of integrity.
  • A new feature called “drop in and out” has been included. Partners can join or leave at any point of checkout. This feature will be applicable in both co-op and multi-player mode.
  • The game will focus on most hostile environment and immense battle.
  • Guess what will be the most exciting feature if Dead Space 3? Its new weapon crafting system. There is no other game that have this feature in such an elaborate fashion. The weapon will be found here piece by piece. And weapons can be upgraded or new weapons can be built in weapon assembly workbench. Even utility tools such as plasma cutter can be attached with weapons such as laser gun.
  • Although the game has most extraordinary graphical features, it will take a comparably lower configuration to play the game on PC.

Development and Release

Visceral Games is the developer of Dead Space 3. EA will be in charge of publishing the game worldwide. In February 5, 2013, the game will make its debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC release will be delayed till February 7, 2013. In UK, the game is scheduled to be released on the next day.

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