Let’s Golf: iPhone Game of The Day

When it comes to pocket golf games, Everybody’s Golf 2 on PSP rules the roost. But why split out for that when you can have an almost identical golfing experience for £1.19 only! Let’s Golf may be an early iPhone game, but it’s still pleasing to look at and runs smoothly – particularly on 3GS version.

The game features customizable, super-deformed characters, the usual ‘trickle grid’ style of putting mechanics and special effects when you nail the perfect shot. It’s less realistic than other golf games, but that’s probably why it’s so good. Well worth a look, if only for quick ten minute bursts of sunshine.

Above: Well, we don’t like to boast… but that was a delightful chip-in

Above: The 3D backgrounds may be blocky, but at times look superb

Above: The holes are nice and big, but putting can be tricky

Source: Gamesradar

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