Long Awaited Skyfall DLC Will Be Available For PS3 And XBOX 360 Game Lovers From November 9, 2012

Good news for the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers. After the release of first person shooter game 007 Legends in the end of October celebrating the eve of 50 years of James Bond series, the Skyfall missions from the upcoming movie of same title will be available for them. Although the dlc is already available for PC  users from November 2, 2012, the Wii U release will following up in early December.

Eurocom already confirms that this dlc will be considered as the sixth missions and final ending of 007 Legends. The mission will be started when bond confront Da Silva and capture him. There will be four missions in Skyfall dlc. Deniel Craig performs voice over artist in this dlc.

The dlc will be available as first person shooter perspective. But a unsupported source claim that Wii U version will played as both Third person and first person perspective. All the gadgets from the past missions will be available for the dlc .

007 Legends was the tribute to the 50 years of James Bond. Eurocom serves as the developer team and Activision was the publisher of the game worldwide. To know more about 007 Legends, please read Tech Journal’s Preview

Sources: Joystiq, IGN


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