Members Of Seal Team 6 Disciplned For Revealing Secret To Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Developers

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The news is shocking for Pentagon and US Defense Ministry, but enticing to gamers. Recently released Medal of Honor : Warfighter has developed missions based on the details of some real-life top-secret missions revealed by some members of the elite Navy Seal Team 6. Seal Team 6, considered to be the most elite armed force of USA conducting top secret and classified missions, has recently took part in the assassination mission of Osama Bin Laden, leader of terrorists group Al-Queda. Seven members of the unit are accused of revealing classified information based on which some missions of MOH: Warfighter has been developed.

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The developers of MOH: Warfighter hired seven members of Seal Team 6 as consultants for the game. The U.S. authorities believe that some highly classified information has been revealed during this period. The primary accusation is towards Matt Bissonnette, a now-retired SEAL who participated in the killing mission of Bin Laden. It is claimed that he revealed top-secret information about that mission under the false name of Mark. One commander said to AP that SEALs who reveal secrets about their training and missions are putting the country and their own families in jeopardy.

However, the game does not include the missions as the exact manner of the real ones nor they put any missions based on Bin Laden’s raid. But some missions such as raid in Pirate’s den of Somalia is based on realistic top-secret mission information. All the members of the group in question are now under strict observation. Most of them are now transferred to distant units and all got Letter of Reprimand that may take the chance of any promotion away. But none of the SEAL members were subjected to dismissal from duty.

Source: CBS News

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