New Leaked Image Suggests Next Generation Xbox Will Be “Xbox Infinity”

Although software giant Microsoft hasn’t announced the exact name of its next generation Xbox gaming console (codename Durango), it was popularly known as Xbox 720. However, it’s been reported that Microsoft will announce its next generation Xbox on May 21, but recently a new leaked image suggests that the next generation Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity.

Xbox Infinity

When people started to call the next generation Xbox as Xbox 720, it was reported that Xbox 720 will be released in 2013 and will come with a touchscreen controller and a Kinect camera which will be watching you all the time. It was also mentioned that the Xbox 720 would come with Blu-Ray player, and would require Internet connection and it would be arriving this June.

But recently a new leaked image (above), discovered by users from both Twitter and Reddit, suggests that the Xbox 720 could be released as “Xbox Infinity”. The image shows off the Xbox Infinity logo and it’s followed by the tagline, “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities.” which compliments Microsoft’s efforts to make the Xbox more than just a gaming console.

On the other side, Forbes has received a differently-styled Xbox logo from Microsoft’s source. According to Forbes, the next Xbox will just be called Xbox.


Now only Microsoft can clear the naming confusion of its next generation Xbox on May 21.

Source: Slash Gear, Forbes

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