Metal Gear Solid HD Will Arrive On PS Vita This Summer

The fans of Solid Snake and the whole Metal Gear franchise have been eagerly awaiting news from Konami entertainment regarding the next release on the game. And now, these news have arrived. Konami entertainment has announced that Metal Gear Solid HD will be arriving on Sony’s PlayStation Vita some time in the summer this year. It was already being expected that Konami will make the release on PS Vita.

The Metal Gear Solid HD collection will be released with updated versions of MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater and MGS: Peace Walker. This makes it quite a treat for the avid PS Vita gamers.

Not only does the list contain these crave-worthy titles, the developers Kojima Productions have also included a number of new features such as touch panels, both front and rear and motion control. While using a PS Vita, you will also be able to share your saved data from your handheld to your console and vice  versa.

According to Konami’s GM, “The PlayStation Vita system will provide fans with an exciting way to enjoy the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. We’re confident that users will be pleased with the new innovations Kojima Productions have implemented with the new PlayStation Vita iterations, offering a truly unique experience for this exciting new format.”

The release may also boast PS Move Controller’s sales, which hasn’t been doing good on the sales because not many titles support it.

Image courtesy animaster.

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