Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Developments Ahead Of Launch

Microsoft showed off its upcoming game console, Xbox One, at the E3 event. Since then, the company has incorporated a number of new features into the console. In a recent podcast, Xbox executive Marc Whitten revealed the ongoing developments on the Xbox One front.

Xbox One

It will still be a while before the console actually arrives. The Xbox team is apparently working diligently to ensure that by the time of launch, Xbox One offers top performance and is equipped with a whole host of services.

Among the revelations made by Whitten is that Microsoft has created a special driver that is specific to Xbox One. According to him, “Since E3 we’ve dropped in what we internally call our ‘mono driver. It’s our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimized for the Xbox One hardware.”

This certainly sounds promising. The clock speed of the console’s GPU has also been increased from 800 MHz to 852 MHz. Microsoft is deploying a rather complex algorithm to back the ‘Smart Match system’ which essentially pairs players based on skill, language as well as their reputation.

This, Whitten explains, will help gamers find just the right kind of matches they are looking for. Moreover, while a given game looks for another player to join in, the Xbox One user doesn’t have to wait. As long as the search for a match continues, user can play another game, without having to wait with a paused gameplay. Once the match is found, the users will be alerted and he can go join the new player.

Courtesy: PCMag

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