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We talked about Real Racing 2 HD’s AirPlay-based wireless mirroring feature for iPad 2 on iOS 5 at great length a few days ago and the folks over at Engadget got hold of the latest version of RR2HD and tested in on iPad 2 with iOS 5 Beta 1. During the WWDC keynote, Apple mentioned AirPlay Mirroring in passing, but it is the greatest iOS 5 feature and by this you get to stream all of the content on your iPad 2 onto your big screen TV via the Apple TV and with the beta software installed on the iPad 2 and Apple TV, it was just a matter of starting AirPlay mirroring from the multi-tasking bar………..


iOS 5 does address a host of concerns and future-proofs Apple’s mobile devices, especially the iPad and Apple unveiled AirPlay Mirroring, a new feature that basically does the same thing as the Wii U’s controller, only you won’t have to wait until 2012 for it. Right now, you can connect (with a special attachment) your iPad 2 to a TV via an HDMI cable and thus mirror the screen on a larger TV, iOS 5 allows you to unplug the cable, accomplishing the same thing over your local Wi-Fi network. You would encounter a great deal of latency because of this and for instance Wii U connects the controller screen to the console via a proprietary wireless connection that eliminates any latency. Engadget has a hands on with Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD with support for Apple’s AirPlay mirroring feature coming in iOS 5 and now you can mirror anything on the iPad’s screen to your Apple TV, some game developers have been building in support to provide a different interface on the device itself vs. the screen. Engadget got the opportunity to test a pre-release version of Real Racing 2 HD and good things to say :

For this game (and we imagine many more to come), you use the iPad as the controller — both while navigating through menus and in race mode — while the game appears only on your TV (though the tablet does display some vitals, and a map of the track). There’s noticeable lag between the iPad and Apple TV when using AirPlay, which may be an issue for games where timing is important, such as Rock Band, but didn’t seem to set us back while playing Firemint’s racing game. Overall, AirPlay offered a seamless gaming experience without a single hiccup — surprising, considering iOS 5 just hit beta last week. It’s difficult to do this hands-on justice without a video demo, so jump past the break for an exclusive look at wireless, dual-screen gaming on the iPad and Apple TV.

Apps like Real Racing 2 and War Pinball, already work with AirPlay Mirroring to allow for wireless full HD support and all the game video goes to the HDTV and alsothe iPad 2 turns into the controller with a whole new interface. Other apps that haven’t been optimized run in letterbox, but still look great and using the feature there were some occasional slow downs, but you have to understand this is beta software. iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring can’t come soon enough and i add two hand on videos by applenapps and engadget :



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