Microsoft Talks About Xbox 720 Launch Date

Rumors around the tech and gaming world have been doing rounds the Microsoft will be unveiling it’s next gaming console, Xbox 720, later this year. However, Microsoft has trashed all such rumours. According to a statement by Microsoft’s head marketing guy, there is nothing significantly new for Xbox gamers this year. Which means that Microsoft will stick to the new releases it has already made, which include expanding the scope of Xbox to Live TV, online streaming and a rich online experience, apart from gaming.

Microsoft had earlier introduced a number of new products to go with the Xbox gaming console. The one product on which Microsoft is specifically banking is the Kinect motion-sensor. It has turned out to be very useful and very popular and Microsoft intends to take that success forward by making it a part of the gaming experience. The Kinect motion camera is already on sale and millions of units have sold out by the company.

Microsoft also enhanced Xbox Live and introduced Live TV and many other features. So in view of all this, it is only natural that Microsoft has no plans of unleashing another gaming console any time soon. Microsoft will continue with the Xbox 360 as long as the features it has introduced are not ingrained in the gaming experience of the users. And once that is done, we can hope for the successor Xbox 720 sometime next year.

Cedrick Delmas, the head marketing for Microsoft, clearly said in his statement, ” “What is certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012.” This pretty much seals any hoped for another console this year.

Image courtesy Duarie_Brown.

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