Neo Geo MVS Arcade System

Analogue Interactive crafts a Neo Geo MVS from walnut, the console boasts a seamless design without any visible screws or nails, all the audio / video outputs you could want and even some working dust flaps.Neo Geo AES home console sold for back in the day and it was only made out of plastic………


Produced by Analogue Interactive, a group committed to creating innovative retro products the wooden MVS system is fashioned from 100% walnut and comes with a dazzling array of outputs.Premium wood is the ideal choice for a Consolized MVS. Rather than use pre-built plastic or metal enclosures, company designed and built their from the ground up with a premium wood (100 percent walnut) that offers unmatched natural aesthetic beauty, functionality, durability and style.Aside from looking really awesome under your TV, this MVS system has other notable benefits. Neo Geo MVS cartridges are, on the whole, much cheaper than Neo Geo AES carts. For those of you that don’t know, the games themselves are identical – the only difference is that the MVS (Multi Video System) format was intended for arcades, while the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) format was aimed at home users.The actual data on the carts was the same, although to prevent people swapping between the two, the cartridges were physically different.


Consolized MVS units have become increasingly popular with collectors, as they allow you to enjoy the vast array of classic Neo Geo titles for a fraction of the price of the ‘true’ AES home versions. However, CMVS units (as they’re affectionately known) do tend to look a bit messy, which is hardly surprising as they’re essentially arcade units crudely modified by inexperienced fans to run on standard television sets.his classy wooden example cannot be described as messy, and could represent the ideal way for gamers to enjoy SNK‘s super-powerful console after experiencing the great (but currently limited) number of titles already available on the Wii’s Virtual Console.Full-scale production begins next month and the units are being sold for $649 – which, as any MVS collector will tell you, is a pretty competitive price.


Features :

  • Most inexpensive way to play and explore the world of Neo Geo.
  • Biggest and truest Neo Geo game library, home to many exclusive games.
  • Built with 100% real walnut. Extremely durable, reliable and aesthetically unmatched.
  • Completely seamless from all visible angles, no screws or nails.
  • Real working dustflaps.
  • Compatible on virtually all high definition and standard definition televisions.
  • High quality video outputs: Pure RGB (works with SCART), Component, S-Video, and Composite.
  • True Stereo Sound.
  • Any Neo Geo joystick or controller ever made is compatible.
  • Unibios 3.0.
  • Universal small power supply that works virtually worldwide. 100-240v, 50-60Hz.
  • Brand new rechargeable battery. Save all your high scores and game content reliably.
  • White power LED on front.



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