Next Generation PlayStation May Have Dual 720p Cameras

Next generation Play Station, popularly known as PS4, is right around the corner. the web is abuzz with rumors about the game console. The latest in the rumor mill is that the next generation PlayStation will have two 720p cameras.

PS Eye Camera In PS4

According to rumors, the next generation PS4 will sport two 1280×720 pixel cameras. If this is true, then PS4 will be able to judge distance and movements with little room for error. That is, the PS4 can judge objects in three dimensions.

The PS4 would be powered by AMD hardware in both CPU and GPU form. This new hardware will also sport an array of microphones that will allow for noise cancellation and directional voice tracking. In fact, the PS4 will have more powerful graphics than Xbox 720, and will pack around 1.84 teraflops of overall raw computation power.

It is expected that PlayStation 4 will be shipped with a redesigned controller and launched by the end of the year in Japan and the U.S. PlayStation 4’s European launch will follow in early 2014.

We will come to know what the next generation PlayStation will be called actually, what the console would look like, the real specifications of the console, and of course the launch date and price with other details, when Sony reveals the next generation console in New York on the February 20.

Source: Techradar

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