Next XBox Will Feature Avatar-Quality Graphics

The next-generation Xbox gaming console is set to boast much-improved graphics, which is similar to those found in James Cameron Avatar movie, coming out from AMD the graphics hardware supplier to Xbox 360. The new graphics would allow for a much-improved gaming experience and could be better than the one that is possible on PCs today. Next Xbox will have such an incredible amount of processing power that its physics and could allow games to be way more realistic than they are today…………..


An executive from AMD talks about the power of the new gaming console from Microsoft, AMD’s director of ISV relationships said in an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine that the rumored Xbox console will be coming with vast improvements in AI and graphics. Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, Robinson indicated that Microsoft‘s mysterious new Xbox console commonly referred to as the Xbox 720 would be capable of graphics on-a-par with most current CGI movies. In the interview Robison went so far as to say that the console would be able to match the visuals seen in James Cameron’s Avatar motion picture. If true, this would mean that the console would exceed the graphics quality of all current consoles, including those seen on even the most top-end PC. Robison also indicated that the console would see a marked improvement in the AI of in-game characters. The director reportedly promised that the console would be able to give each individual non-player-character its own mentality, doing away with the current mob mentality AI models used in most current games. As yet, Microsoft has given no official word about its next games system. As it stands the company is continuing to market its current Xbox 360’s Kinect peripheral. During this year’s E3 company representatives revealed the Microsoft’s plans’ to make sure that all first-party Xbox games include Kinect functionality.



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