Nintendo’s 3DS Messenger Service Expected to Arrive Soon

Nintendo fans will surely enjoy the news that Letter Box, Nintendo 3DS messenger service is so close to the release. Letter Box’ launch was announced for December 22nd. Starting tomorrow users will be able to send messages and to share 2D or 3D pictures or drawings and also sound effects. Letter Box also allows users to connect with their friends through applications such as StreetPass and Spotpass.

The Letter Box download is free for 3DS owners and the download option can be found under “Swapnote” nickname. In addition to the sleek messenger service, Nintendo also announced some software releases to keep its fans entertained during vacation. Mighty Switch Force! For instance is a game from Shantae which allows players to have fun controlling a cybernetic police officer. As the rest of the sries, this game is also more focused on action than on puzzle solving as the two teasers that were published over the Internet reveal. The game has a price tag of £5.40.

For the users who got enough action from other Nintendo successes, a Game Boy version of Tetris will be released on December 22nd, along with the rest of Nintendo novelties. This game is available for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for £3.60.


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