Angry Birds Seasons Easter Eggs Released for iOS and Android

Rovio has released an update to Angry Birds Seasons. Fans of the Angry Birds trying to get back at the pigs for stealing the precious eggs can now have a general idea about gameplay and the additional 15 levels Rovio has prepared for this special Easter version.

Like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and St Patrick’s Day game updates, the Angry Birds now makes an Easter adaptation to its seasonal release boasting bunny ears, decorative eggs and spring time flowers. The players are challenged to unlock three special Easter themed golden eggs throughout the 15 levels accompanied by a spring styled Angry Birds tones.

Angry Birds Seasons Easter can be purchased for 59p on iPhone and £1.19 on iPad (or free in both cases if you already own Angry Birds Seasons). It is free of cost on Android.

Check the teaser out below!


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