Nvidia Shield Is Finally Available For Pre-Orders

We recently reported that Nvidia’s Shield was on the verge of being made available for pre-orders. The great news for gaming enthusiasts is that the console is now finally available. You can place pre-orders for $349 per piece on the links provided below.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia had originally planned on making the console available on May 20th. However, the company revealed that the response to its console was so immense that it has moved up the availability of pre-orders by a few days.

Shield is currently available with three retailers. These include NewEgg, Gamestop and Canada Computer. The console is priced a tad bit steep, compared to other offerings in the market. However, despite that, it has received raving reviews and the gaming world, at large, had been eagerly waiting for it.

The most notable thing about Nvidia Shield is that it is somewhat of a mix between a tablet and a game console. It features a crisp 720p multitouch display attached to a controller unit that is top of the range. Under the hood, the console packs a Tegra 4 chip as well as other top-end hardware.

In all, the package does seem to justify the $349 price tag. You can place your pre-orders on the links provided below. Naturally, the sooner you place your pre-order, the better is your chance of getting Shield at the earlies.t

Pre-Order Nvidia Shield :

1) NewEgg
2) Gamestop
3) Canada Computer

Courtesy: IGN

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