Nvidia Turned Down The Opportunity To Provide PS4 Hardware

Sony has been gearing up for its next gaming console for quite a while now. And the company has been successful in making many headlines with the new PS4. Apparently, Nvidia had an opportunity to be the hardware provider for the new console but the company turned down that offer.

PS4 controller

The fact that Nvidia was asked to provide hardware for PS4 is not surprising. That’s because the chip-maker has provided chips for both, PS3 and Xbox, consoles in the past. However, the revelation that Nvidia decided not to partner with Sony on PS4 is somewhat surprising.

According to Nvidia’s senior vice president of content and technology, Tony Tamsai, Nvidia considered the deal for a while but eventually decided to walk away. This decision was apparently made because Sony wasn’t willing to pay as much as Nvidia wanted. And the chip-maker wasn’t in the mood to bear all the costs and consume its resources without getting a good output.

Another key factor is in play here. Nvidia seems to be readying its own Project Shield to directly enter the realm of gaming. So the company probably wanted to focus its resources on its own product rather than help Sony create PS4, while also losing profit margins along the way.

Finally, we all have seen the gaming trends shift from hard-core console gaming to mobile-based gaming. While Project Shield may appear as a product which lies somewhere between the two trends, PS4 is still a pure game console. And Nvidia made a wise choice by not going with it.

Source: Gamespot

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