Xbox 720 Will Come With A Touchscreen Controller

Microsoft has already quashed all such rumors which were claiming that the next-generation gaming console by Microsoft, Xbo 720, will make it’s entry in 2012. According to the company, there are no chances for such an occurrence. However, the rumor-mill hasn’t stopped and we keep hearing newer and bolder claims about Xbox 720. The latest claim, by Xbox World Magazine, is that Xbox 72- will be featuring a touchscreen controller!

According to the folks from the magazine, Xbox 720 “will be a matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect.” This sure seems very promising and bit too next-generation to be true but then, we can expect to be surprised by Microsoft.

What is very significant in the claims made by the magazine is that it says Microsoft will also introduce a tablet-like touchscreen controller right in the middle of the gaming console handheld controls. This can be a really cool addition to Xbox and the magazine states that Microsoft is experimenting with it. According to the magazine folks, “second only to Kinect in how you operate your console. It could be a remote control when you’re watching TV, a browser when you’re on the internet, extra buttons and information when you’re playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you.”

What is a slightly bad news for the gaming users is that the next Xbox will be a little bit too pricey compared to current Xbox 360. Reports have it that it will cost around $628. But then again, whether or not it’s pricey will depend on the features it packs with it. And for that, we will have to wait till 2013.

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