Online Saving Coming For The Next PS3 Update

Sony is going ahead with a plan to implement a cloud-based game saving option for PlayStation Plus users and cloud-saving is coming to the PlayStation 3 as part of the system’s next firmware 3.60 update……..

Sony will give the premium subscribers the option of storing games on a server.The Kotaku-described Online Saving approach would tie the saves to the player’s account and could bring them back after switching to a new console or if the hard drive dies.The technique would require the as yet unofficial 3.6 firmware update. Sony isn’t known to have given out a definite release date, but PlayStation Plus requires either a $50 yearly subscription or $18 for three months.Cloud saving could be a critical feature for the upcoming NGP which will only have limited storage of its own. Certain versions will also have 3G and could update saved games even for users with WiFi.


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