OnLive Universal Wireless Controller

OnLive outs universal wireless controller, seamless Facebook integration and the company is expected to showcase their new universal controller at the upcoming E3 conference. The controller connects directly with your Android tablet, allowing you to control games as if you were playing from a console and also features a dongle that will be backwards compatible with the microconsole, and will work on PCs and certain TVs………….


OnLive‘s revolutionary cloud gaming technology delivers the hottest high-performance games to just about any video Internet-connected device, including TVs, PCs, Macs and tablets. Even more OnLive-compatible devices are coming, ranging from Blu-ray and media players to IPTV and cable set-top boxes. Rather than locking gamers to a particular gaming device, the OnLive Game Service delivers universal high-performance gameplay wherever and whenever they want. The OnLive Game Service‘s pioneering user interface was the first to work optimally with any input method, be it game controller, keyboard/mouse or touch screen. But, some games either require a game controller, or provide the best gaming experience when one is used. OnLive is excited to announce a Wireless Controller that is as universal as the OnLive Game Service itself. The Controller not only works with OnLive‘s own MicroConsole TV adapter, but works with almost any OnLive-compatible device, either establishing a wireless link directly with the device, or via a small USB dongle plugged into the device. So, whether gamers are playing an OnLive game on TVs across the living room, on computers at their desks, or on tablets on their laps, with OnLive‘s Universal Wireless Controller gamers can experience high-performance games to their fullest, with a comfortable and responsive game controller in their hands.


OnLive is announcing today that it will showcase the new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles June 7-9. The demonstrations will include OnLive gameplay on the HTC Flyer tablet and VIZIO HDTVs with VIA Plus. “We set out to make OnLive available everywhere,” said OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman. “Now that this is a reality, consumers need a way to enjoy the full OnLive experience on any device. The new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller places high-quality gameplay in your hands whether on a TV, computer, tablet/smartphone device or on future OnLive-compatible devices yet to be introduced.” Maintaining the gamer-optimized shape and control layout of OnLive’s current Wireless Controller and featuring OnLive‘s exclusive media buttons, OnLive‘s Universal Wireless Controller brings top-tier gaming control to general-purpose consumer electronic devices for the first time. Optimized to minimize latency, up to four controllers can be used simultaneously, along with optional keyboard/mouse and Bluetooth headset for voice chat. Some legacy devices may support a limited number of simultaneous controllers and/or other input devices, but using the supplied USB dongle, a full complement of four controllers are supported simultaneously.The OnLive Universal Wireless Controller will be available this fall, both in the United States and in other countries where OnLive is available.


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