The Fun Continues With Angry Birds 2.0

Angry Birds is currently the top paid iPhone app on the App Store. It is perhaps the most-played game on smartphones right now. So far, it has been download about half a billion times!! And the craze is not dying down any time soon. In fact, Rovio has now introduced the version 2.0 of the game for iPhone and iPad. And it comes with more levels, more birds and much more fun.

This new version comes on the occasion of 2nd birthday of Angry Birds. Rovio has released Angry Birds 2.0 to let the fans celebrate the ‘Birdday.’ Rather than being a new game or sequel, the new version is simply a kind of an update on the old version.

What Angry Birds 2.0 offers?
The new version promises to be lot more fun for you. It comes with a number of new levels, which ups the total number of game levels to 300!! Not only that, you  can now play all the episodes in a given level because Rovio has unlocked them for you. Even if you are not a very good player, you can play the last episodes of a level without having to pass all earlier episodes.

Oh and in case you are slightly bored of the collection of birds, the new version comes with an addition to this collection – you now also get an orange bird to crash the pigs’ party. This orange bird can expand like a balloon and then destroy a lot of things when it hits them.

In case you an exceptionally awesome player and want the world to know about the large figure that you have scored on the game, the 2.0 version solves this problem for you. Achievement updates are regularly updated, so if you hit a jackpot, the gaming community will be told of it, rest assured.

The game is available in  the App Store for the standard $0.99. The download size is a tiny 12.8 MB, so this game easily fits on your iPhones and iPads. Like the image above says, beware!! This game is so freaking awesome that you may become addicted to it!
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