Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Coming To Europe Soon

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced that the bright-yellow Pikachu themed Nintendo 3DS XL will be entering Europe. They lacked further details, including the exact date and cost. Nintendo only noted the device would come “later this year.” The cost in Japan is ¥18,900, equivalent to $238 american dollars, or 183 Euros.

The decked-out Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL launched in Japan last month. Since the launch, the model seen above is the lone Pikachu design; meaning you cannot purchase a unit with a customized smirk.

Also in Japan, the Pikachu 3DS XL can only be purchased at one retailer. It wasn’t made clear if Europe would offer this on the shelves of multiple retailers.

For those left in the areas such as the United States and Canada, sorry, you’ll have to wait to purchase one of these ‘super cute’ 3DS models. We’ll keep you updated on further expansions, but it seems like Europe is the only nation as of now.

Source: Engadget

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