Amazon May Bring An Android Game Console This year

According to rumors, Amazon is working on an Android game console. The console, along with a dedicated controller, is expected to ship this holiday season. Amazon will also offer digital games, sold through its online store, for the console.

Amazon GameCircle

Amazon already has its own Android app store. Hence, it already has a lot of games in its portfolio to offer. Amazon’s one app a day for free promotion can also prove to be a very effective marketing tool for the console’s launch.

According to rumors, the game console could be powered by Qualcomm’s MPQ chip, a processor under the Snapdragon family build especially for smart TV and set-top boxes. The device is said to be developed in Lab126, an experimental hardware division that developed the Kindle.

According to some speculations, the device from Amazon could be a device could be something more than a game console. It could be multimedia device with a focus to push digital movies and music, and games of course. The speculation was spurred from the rumored hardware specs.

The price of the device could be at sub-$100 price point. If that becomes true, then Amazon’s game console could be at direct competition with Ouya and Nvidia Shield. Some are speculating that the device could be given away free to Amazon Prime customers.

The device is expected to hit the market during Black Friday, around the same time when Xbox One and PS4 are scheduled to hit the shelves.

Thanks to: Geek, TechCrunch

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