Play Lord of the Rings Online Game FREE

Lord of The Ring is a big movie that hits theater with its series. The “Lord of The Ring” game has also been released.

But if you want to play LOTR game without paying a penny, try Lord of The Ring online game. How could this possible? It is Warner Bros, the new owner of all Lord of the Rings games is giving gamers the opportunity to play the online game for free up to Level 50. However as the LOTR online game will be so much fun there, additional extra character slots, premium items, etc can be purchased from the LOTR Online store. Yet, there is also premium access to premium content as well as five character slots, a shared bank slot and priority server access simply by becoming a LOTRO VIP member. This Lord of The Ring Online Game is still in beta and interested gamers can register starting at beginning June 16th, via LOTRO official site here.

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  1. Waterseas

    Umm… Am I the only one who thinks this article sounds like its saying that this game is a brand new one…?

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    Seems like most of the game now are adapting the F2P model in order to survive. Anyway, it’s still a good news for those gamers who can’t afford to pay the monthly subscription fee.

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