[Preview] Fortnite: Upcoming Survival Horror Game By Epic

Epic Games is going to introduce a new horror game, titled Fortnite, in 2013. Unlike any other horror game, this game will differ not only in the storyline but also in gameplay and graphics. Although the game features horror figures and action, it will have a significant amount of entertainment and funny stuff. Epic Games is hopeful that the game will do well in attracting fun-loving gamers’ attention.


The game story is centered around a bunch of people trapped in a certain location where monsters roam at night. They have to build a fort and fight the monsters to prevent breaching it. Epic Games will introduce its latest Unreal Engine 4 through this game. It claimed that the game will feature smooth 3D characterization and environment effects.

The gameplay is all about working together. The characters work together with the scavenge items found in the area to build a fort. Each fort wall can be edited with a 3×3 grid, lay down stairs, roofs, and windows, sculpting them to achieve the particular need for protection. A mechanic toolbar will be available. The characters will scavenge during the day, and will work together to fight monsters. Specific orders about positioning, action can be given in the game.

Epic Games is both the developer and the publisher of the game. The game will be released only in PC. Although no specific release date has been announced, the game is assumed to be released in mid-2013.

Sources: Wikipedia, Fortnite

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