Project Eternity:Kickstarter’s Biggest Funded Game Ever

Project Eternity, a newly taken project of Obsidian Entertainment, under Kickstarter is announced as the biggest funded game on which they have worked ever. Not only is that it also ensured that the game would have most number of Open Source Fund. The game is designed keeping the original concept of 90s strategy games. The project started from September 14, 2012.


According to the Project Director of KickStarter, the Project Eternity campaign earned in total $3,986,929. The project cost exceeded its pledged goal of $1,100,000 within 24 hours. By the end of the development the cost is assumed to be more than double that it seems now means over $ 2,500,000.

Obsidian Entertainment and Kickstarter launches a video clip where they discuss their thoughts about the game. From that video it is revealed that although the game picks up its concept from early Strategy games of 90s like Baldur’s Gate but it will be completely a new level of Role Playing Game(RPG). The game will focus in magical elements and fantasy world. From the video name of two characters comes in front- EDAIR, a male character and CADEGUND,another female character. The developer team focus on dialogue system,combat and strategy. A new feature called Aging System is incorporated to the game.The developers also try to enlist the aid of George Ziets,Neverwinter Nights 2’s creative lead.

Obsidian Entertainment’s biggest hit is Fallout 1 & 2, Fallout: New Vegas. Now they already invested more than $3.5 millions to develop Project Eternity. This type of huge investment has never made in gaming world before on the crowd-source funding platform. If any updates about Project Eternity, we will be first to let you know.

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