Sony To Start Selling PlayStation 4 In The UK For £349 From 29 November

Sony has announced at Gamescom in Germany that its PlayStation 4 console will reach European retailers on 29 November. Sony will sell the latest console for £349 in the United Kingdom and $399 (£254) in the United States. The price is exactly $100 cheaper than the Xbox One which Microsoft is going to unveil its first console in last eight years.

PlayStation 4 console 2

Sony unveiled its next-generation console PlayStation 4 (PS4) during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles in June. The PlayStation 4 Black console packs 8 GB of memory and has options for additional hard drive to expand the storage. It comes with a new DualShock 4 controller with a motion sensor bar and touchpad. Currently Amazon UK is taking pre-order for the next-generation console.

Besides, Sony is also offering unrestricted access to pre-owned games — that means the existing Sony gamers can sell titles to each other or lend them to friends also and the gamers can save money. So from now on, the disc-based games will not need an online connection to play. And most importantly, free or third party services like online chat and Netflix will be not locked by PlayStation subscription barrier, so users will be able to enjoy the third party services on the next-generation console.

Source: The Guardian

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