Sony Will Retail PS4 For $1853 In Brazil, Four Times The Price In US

Electronics tend to be really expensive when they are made available in Brazil, compared to their international prices elsewhere. Same is the case with Sony’s PlayStation 4. Sony is retailing the console for a whopping $1853 in Brazil which is nearly four times its price in the US.

PlayStation 4

International trade enters a difficult terrain when it comes to Brazil. The country has exceptionally large taxation margins and poor infrastructure, which contributes significantly to a general hike in the prices of electronics when they are made available in Brazil.

The retail price of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 is a mere $399 in North America. For avid gamers, this is a fairly affordable price tag. However, in Brazil, the very same console is going to cost a whopping 3,999 Brazilian real. This translates to nearly $1853. In other words, if PS4 was to carry a similar price tag elsewhere, Sony would barely sell any units at all.

One silver lining for Brazilian gamers is that they could have their PS4 imported from North America. This will still cost them more than $399 but it will be a lot less than the retail price of the console in Brazil. Given the fact that Sony has made PS4 region-free, allowing gamers to carry it from one country to another without any software inhibitions, importing the console is a very viable option for consumers in Brazil.

Courtesy: TNW

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