Sony NGP To Be Named Playstation Vita

First we heard that the Sony Next Generation Portable (Sony NGP for short) might actually see some of its innards getting slashed in terms of specifications so that it can compete with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console in terms of price and now there is another rumor to accompany the yet unreleased device. Sony NGP might actually be called the PlayStation Vita, where Vita being known as “life” in Latin………


The latest rumor and confirmed by a couple of photos, is that Sony will name their upcoming NGP handheld PlayStation Vita. There was plenty of speculation as to what Sony’s revolutionary handheld product would be named, after it was first revealed to the public at the Tokyo Game Show. Dubbed the Next Generation Portable or NGP, the latest piece of gaming technology from Sony was quite impressive, boasting graphics that were almost, if not, as good as the PlayStation 3’s. However, a recent photo has been doing the rounds on the internet which seems to suggest that the NGP was, as many suspected, just a temporary name for the product and that the official name could very well be PlayStation Vita. Vita is the Latin word for Life, so in short the new product seems to have been branded as PlayStation Life, though that interpretation seems to be lost in translation. Sony is yet to confirm or deny these reports which make gauging their accuracy all the more tricky. However, what can be confirmed is that the NGP or PS Vita will now have two analogue sticks as opposed to the PSP’s one and will also have internal memory as well as the option to expand it by adding external memory cards.


The next generation peripheral will also boast a touch screen as well as its entire back side being touch-sensitive. The demos shown so far included a very impressive looking Uncharted title, that is also yet to be officially named, though it has been confirmed that Naughty Dog will not be developing that particular title. No price has been confirmed for the product, yet there is an increasing amount of speculation that the NGP will be out by the end of the year in order to give itself a chance of competing with the Nintendo 3DS. More is expected to be revealed at Sony’s presentation in the Electronic Entertainment Expo in a few weeks time. One gaming celebrity who will not be figuring at E3 however, is Hideo Kojima. The revered games developer confirmed via his Twitter account that he would not be present in California. He explained that the reason for absence was because he was working on a new project. While the news will come as a disappointment to many fans, as Kojima is the brainchild behind one of the most well known and successful video game franchises for over a decade: the Metal Gear Solid series. Fans expecting to hopefully catch a glimpse of a possible fifth iteration of the Metal Gear Solid series at E3 will sadly have to wait a little bit longer.



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