Release Date Of Resident Evil 6 Moved Up To October 2

For the avid gamers who have been the fans of the Resident Evil franchise, here are good news. The Resident Evil 6 game had been scheduled to be released on November 20 earlier. Now, Capcom has announced that it has moved up the release date and the game will now be released on October 2.

The new date has been announced by the executive producer at Capcom, Hiroyuki Kobayashi. Kobayashi took the occasion of Capcom’s annual Captivate showcase event to make the announcement.

While there has been a lot of speculation as to why Capcom decided to move up the date, according to Kobayashi, this was solely due to the rather overwhelming response of the fans to the announcement trailer of Resident Evil 6. This made Capcom want to bring the game to the fans earlier and so, the development team was asked if they could deliver it a little earlier, which they agreed to. Currently, some 600 people at Capcom are working on Resident Evil 6, which includes 150 in-house staff members.

Interestingly, many have speculated that the new date probably is a marketing move by Capcom. By taking the release date to October 2, Capcom has ensured that it will be able to release Resident Evil 6 ahead of the release of many other big titles which are due to hit the shelves during autumn, including the likes of Assassin’s Creed III and BioShock Infinite. A release before these titles can enable Capcom better sales and success, letting it the space to enter the season ahead of many others.

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