“Remember Me” Will Bring A Whole New Definition To Melee Combat System

2013 will be the year of some extraordinary games. Some games will make their debut in this year with whole new and coolest features that obviously going to stir up the concept of third person action game. One of such game is “Remember Me“. Scheduled to be released almost at the middle of 2013, and the game is already expected to break all the records in the gaming history. Dontnod Entertainment, the developer team already confirmed that the game will bring significant changes not only to the conventional melee combats and combo attacks but also the exploration and platforming system.


The game will open in future settings of street location of Neo-Paris, former Paris-capital of France, in the year 2084.  The player will assume the character of Nilin ,voice over by famous artist Kezia Burrows. Nilin  plays as an amnesiac patient who was trapped by his former employer named  Memoreyes and sent him to prison. Now she has to find out his true past and reinsert his memory back to his brain or has to die because of the side effects dysfunctional activity of brain due to the memory loss state.

There is a 6:06 minute video clip, published in YouTube and Metacafe on September 30,2012 focusing the new and enhanced combat system. The game play will focus on extreme level of exploration and melee combat. The video shows that the character movement is much faster and fluid than it imagined. But the feature that snatched my attention is the introduction of Combo Lab. Players are now able to create own form of attacks and combos. This feature will make its debut through this game. The Combo Lab can be accessed through the pause menu. The Combo lab contains four level of fighting Pressens that is used to create small fraction of melee combat chain.

Players will also be able to perform Special attacks known as S- Pressens by earning adequate focus meter defeating enough enemies. It is ensured that the game has 5 such type of S- Pressens and over 50,000 attack combos which is the largest amount of combat elements ever.

There is also another fantastic feature. If Nilin is low in health, she can change attack style and combos. The effectiveness and power in the attack  will be determined by the player position, stamina, health and availability of Pressens.

Although it is ensured that “ Remember Me” will see the light in May,2013 but still there is no specific date of release. the game is scheduled to be released in PC, PS3 and XBox 360. As I said before Dontnod Entertainment is the developer of this game and the publishing rights will be in the hand of Capcom.

Sources: Wikipedia, IGN

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