Remote Play Software Hack Allows Streaming PS3 Games On PS Vita

The launch of PlayStation Vita was a disappointment to a lot of gamers and users in many ways. Before the launch, it had been expected that all PS2 games will support Remote Play Feature. However, as it turned out, so was not the case. Instead, Vita was able to stream only such games which already have the Remote Play built-in feature on PSP. And that was indeed a very small list. Naturally, users had to find jailbreaking solutions to this problem, which they actually have found!

Jailbreakers, in their attempts, have had some success. You can witness a number of videos on YouTube featuring a Battlefield 3 game play on the handheld device. The game play may seem to come with a bit of input lag but it is nearly as much as that which comes with native Remote Play feature.

It has been speculated that Sony may take a particular fondness towards such jailbreaks and may release a firmware-update to end this support that has been propped up by jailbreakers. However, sooner or later, Sony may be forced to include the feature officially as part of the device. After all, Sony itself showcased the feature at Tokyo’s Game Show and everyone has been expecting the company to include it in their upcoming device.

Image courtesy PopCultureGeek

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