Resident Evil Mercenaries VS Coming Soon To iPhone App Store

Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. is Capcom’s first iPhone game with online multiplayer. Using Game Center, you’ll be able to match up with friends or strangers to battle an endless swarm of zombies within a tight time limit.Resident Evil Mercenaries will be coming to the App Store later this year and it will bring four-player multiplayer matches via WiFi and Bluetooth with it.

Resident Evil Vs. will feature 4 player online play, either in teams of 2 or free-for-all. Besides shooting at each other, all 4 players will also have to deal with the constant threat of zombie attacks as there are a number of them roaming the map at any time. Killing zombies or your human opponents will earn you points, and the player with the highest score at the end of the timed round is the winner. Dying will reset your score to zero, but various first-aid items can be picked up and used to help prevent that. Also, if you’re getting whooped pretty hard you’ll be able to summon an AI helper to battle with you, like the creepy chainsaw guy with the burlap sack on his head from Resident Evil 4.

You’ll be able to play a single-player training mode, which is actually a score attack round with A.I. opponents. There’s also a coin shoot mode, where you can target the blue coins dangling from string around the level, just like in Resident Evil 4.

Checkout the video below.


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