Rovio Launches Angry Birds On Facebook On Valentine’s Day

For all those millions of ardent Angry birds players and fans out there, this Valentine’s Day Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, is bringing you a fine present. While you may have played the game on your iOS and Android devices and had some great fun, how about playing the game right on your social network? That’s right, Rovio is bring Angry Birds to Facebook. The game will be launched on the social network on Valentine’s Day.

Rovio hasn’t given much details about which version of game will be launched on the social network or that whether the Angry Birds on Facebook will have any new levels or features. But there have been hints that the game that will be introduced on Facebook will have different additions and changes from the version that is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

What we hope to see is a social angle to the game. After all, gaming on Facebook is fun only because you get to involve with your friends through the games. So Rovio too may be planning some social networking aspect in the Angry Birds for Facebook.

Rovio CEO Mikeal Hed has said that the game will have new features as well as a collaborative feel to it. This actually translates to a hint that the game will have both the fun of Angry Birds and the social experience of Facebook.

Facebook gaming is a lucrative market for companies. With about to reach a billion users, Facebook is the largest online market to pitch a product in and Rovio, with it’s awesome game, is sure to succeed in it too.

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