Rumor: Flextronics Starts Manufacturing Xbox 720

Microsoft’s next gaming console, Xbox 720, remains as elusive as ever when it comes to the details regarding it. The company has been quite secretive of it, so most of what is being said about it is either rumor or speculation. For instance, now it is being reported that Texas-based company, Flextronics has now started work on a Microsoft project which is most probably the manufacturing of Xbox 720 units.

The reason why this is being rumored in the media is because we do know that it is a Microsoft project but Flextronics is very secretive about it. In fact, it is keeping it under so many wraps that it has chosen an entirely new testing team for the project.

Members of this team are kept aloof from the rest of the employees in the company and they work behind closed doors. Naturally, this does mean that Microsoft wants whatever project they are working on to be secret.

To even further bolster such rumors, there is the fact that Flextronics has been involved in the manufacturing of the original Xbox as well as the Xbox 360 console. So it would make sense if Microsoft involved a former manufacturer of its gaming console to work on its next unit.

For all we know from rumors, Microsoft’s Xbox 720 may come with a whooping 16-core CPUs and a Blue-ray player while also requiring an internet connection at all times.

Source: IGN

Courtesy: Slashgear

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