Rumors Of Mafia III And Grand Theft Auto V Development By 2K Games Debunked

After one year of pre-production work, 2K Czech is rumored to enter into the full paced development work of Mafia III, the 3rd installment of famous open world action-adventure Mafia series. The game developer is also rumored be working with Roackstar to develop Grand Theft Auto V. 2K Games has debunked both the rumors recently.


Multiple sources reported that 2K’s current project, development of GTA V, is at its peak stage. It is working with Rockstar in the development. It was also believed that 2K Games has also started the development work of Mafia III. Expectation was that Mafia III would feature a completely different story with different location setup.

However, all those rumors were debunked recently by a statement given to GameSpot by 2K Games. A 2K Games representative said, “Rockstar Games and 2K Czech are not working on any projects together. We haven’t announced any plans regarding a future Mafia release.”

The thing to note is, though the rumor about Grand Theft Auto V development in association with Rockstar seem to be untrue, 2K Games hasn’t denied the Mafia III rumor directly.

Source: GameSpot, VG247

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