Season Passes Of Black Ops II For $ 49.99, Discounted Price Will Be $34.99 – Pre-Order Now

Black Ops II, a Call of Duty series, is most anticipated and awaited first person shooter, action and as well as war game in the final quarter of 2012. Upon release, the game is claimed to change the whole definition and concept of not only the series but also first person shooting games. The future setup of the game already has some fantastic and high content features. However, the good news is Black Ops II will have follow ups after release. New DLCs are coming real soon. The developer team reveals more details about DLC ahead of Black Ops II release date means November 13, 2012.

bo 2 dlc

It is revealed that all 4 DLCs will be available individually. But there is another offer. Through a limited offer season pass players can be able to download all the DLC content with an exclusive discount of $10. Although the original price of the whole pack will be $ 49.99 but upon order now, under exclusive package, the discounted pack will cost now $34.99. Just remember, it is a limited time offer….expires soon. If individual DLC content is tried to be downloaded then the cost will be $14.99 each and no discount.


The source claims that a lots of Black Ops 2 features are going to be reincorporated into the pack. Not only that those features will be in upgraded versions with lots of unlock- able weapons and items and game play contents. And obviously, there are a number of newly introduced contents such as-

  • The DLC has Player HQ that includes heat maps, recent match data and statistics, track challenges and Treyarch’s debut Create 10 Class system.
  • 4 new epic maps means each DLC pack contains 1 map, featuring new environments and multiplayer contents which are completely different in all DLCs.
  • A modified Clan HQ where players can join existing clan inviting friends to compete with them.
  • Zombies Support feature is interesting. Gamers are now able to compare zombie mission stats with other global players.
  •  The Call of Duty Elite TV is a debut feature – delivers a renewed community focus featuring developer tips and strategy programming, custom class overviews and more.
  • New Social Networking Service offers more effective communication between clans.

There is a huge surprise for you all. Activision confirms that Call of Duty Elite Pack will be available for free. But that offer only applies for premium members or the person who purchase the whole DLC pack now. After making its debut in Call of Duty: MW3, this inline content snatched the gaze of all gamers. That is why, Activision made this offer for Black Ops II. Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg said-“We’ve learned a lot in our first year of Call of Duty Elite, and we’re very proud that we over delivered on our commitment of playable content to our premium members.”

However, this season pass is offered only for XBOX 360 now. For this platform the cost of whole DLC pack is 4000MSP equivalent of the original offer price of$49.99. There is nothing revealed about other platforms. We are suspecting that this offer may not cover all platforms and all territories. If any updates available we will let you know.

To check on more about Black Ops II, please read Tech Journal’s Preview

Sources: Game Spot, Call of Duty Gamers





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